Table of Contents

  1. Program Installed & Removed Note061103.
  2. Setup the program via internet.
  3. How to identify your version?
  4. How to remove the PC-BOARD in the multiplexer?
  5. AAM Transmitter key special function.


1.Q.Program Installed & Removed Note061103.


  1. First time installed WIN-STAR software program
  2. 1.Check the PC Capacity requestment (at leastor above)

    Notebook or PC on the table

    (1). CPU:Pentium III 1G or above

    (2).Memorial capacity: 256MB RAM

    (3).Monitor dpi: 1024*768

    (4).Hard Disk: Free space 500 MB

    (5).Software required operation system: Windows 2000/XP

    (6).WIN-STAR application program (CD)

    2. As suggestion put the disk has words show " WIN-STAR" and the disk contains software you purchased. Finished installed procedures as the point of screen windows. It is not necessary to restart the computer.

    3. If your computer could not autorun, please enter my computer and open installer/setup.exe in the hard disk.

  3. Updated program (receiving update CD or installed new program through internet)
  1. On the PC monitor down left corner "Start"-->"Setting"-->"control panel"-->"add/remove program", find out (Win_star) then remove it for updating Benz software or find out (Bmw_S1) then remove it for updating BMW software .
  2. Please put the new disk into the hard disc (or has been installed to the hard disk), the way of installation is as same as ?B>First time installed WIN-STAR software program?/B> .
  1. Standard set upgraded to having professional versions
  2. Situation: Once purchased standard set , you now more purchased professional version E1, L1 or C1 (more information please refer to Function List ) to be upgrading added E1, L1 or C1 versions.

    Note: If you have not purchased professional versions, please do not press the “UPGRADE?button, otherwise it could not work and will be asked pin again. Start up WIN-STAR program, press the up right corner button “UPGRADE?and key in ?577691? Then 14 serial no. showed up, please record the 14 figures through Internet (http://www.icm.com.tw) or e-mail: icm@icm.com.tw, Fax: 886-7-5577691 for asking the password.

  3. Exchanging a new computer (Notebook or PC on the table)
  4. Reinstalled WIN-STAR Program, the same way as “First time installed WIN-STAR software program? After finished installation please connect RS-232 with multiplexer and the cables plug in the car diagnosis outlet within the engine IG ON situation. Open ˇ§ WIN-STAR ?program for opening a new window to enter the system and ask the password again. (The original installed program in the pre-computer can not be run again).

  5. Trouble shooting

If you are in one of the following situations:

  1. Could not access WIN-STAR :entering and the screen popping out.
  2. Neglected 14 serial No. or lost 14 serial No.
  3. The password could not access the program.
  4. Replaced new multiplexer

Ways to solve the above situations

a. Enter my computer c:\program files\Win_star and delete "Version_1.dll" and "Version.txt" two files.

b. If not find it. It may be hidden , please enter "tools"-->"folder options-->view and find hidden files and folders-->show hidden files' and folders, then the" version_1.dll" and “version.txt ˇ§ will show up and delete it.

c. Please open the WIN-STAR file , 14 serial no. came out , please write it down the 14 serial no. and go to website http://www.icm.com.tw or e-mail :icm@icm.com.tw or Fax 886-7-5575965 to our Information Dep. Engineer will give you a password for entering the program.

2.Q.Setup the program via internet.Setup the program via internet.


  1. First downloaded the update version software (e.g. a0401) to the PC or NOTEBOOK hard disc through website (http://www.icm.com.tw).
  2. After downloaded program completed, please find out the file you downloaded (e.g. a0401 ) the mouse located on the letter and press left button twice of your mouse.
  3. Pressed OK , then appeared one little screens and pressed the middle button “BrowseˇKˇ¨. When the file “Unzip to Folder?came out, please choose Desktop, and then press “OK?
  4. The location of the left side of “Browse..?button will turn to be ?C:\WINDOWS\Desktop?(For example WINDOWS 98 operation system, in the case of WINDOWS XP, in the same time it will appear very long words, at the last Desktop always pop out). Added ?\winstar ?at the end of ˇ§ C:\WINDOWS\Desktop?, it will become ?C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\winstar?(It means the program has been unzipped to the winstar file of Desktop.)
  5. After finished unzipped the program, start the winstar file of Desktop, you will find out two files (data, Installer) and Autorun, win_star..etc. Please open “Installer?file and find out ?setup?application program.
  6. The mouse located on the word ?setup?and press left button twice of your mouse, Then the installation process will be executing and finished step by step following the pictures showing.

3.Q.How to identify your version?

A.HW** stands for the code of the interface hardware version, and SW** for the code of the interface software version. The system also shows V2.0-L1.C1.E1 and the like to give you the contents of your purchased software. For example, H1 stands for the WIN-HTT software program. If you have not purchased such program, the option will be shown in a lighter color. The V2.0, L1, C1, and E1 are parts of the WIN-STAR program, which facilitate users to have the information on which software is not purchased. If you want to know whether or not your current version is the most updated version, please contact the ICM customer service personnel or your distributor, or logon to our website for the latest information. Please update your software all the time to enjoy the right for the updates.

4.Q.How to remove the PC-BOARD in the multiplexer?

A.see this PDF document.

Price and sale





ˇDCurrent version

A0711 for BENZ

released on June 18, 2003


B0611 for BMW

released on June 3, 2003


ˇDDemo version

Released on April 7, 2003


ˇDAsk for password

ˇDInstallation help




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